Therapeutic Treatment Methods and
Ad-hoc Consultancy

Is Therapeutic Treatment Effective?

  • Medication is effective in recovery but people frequently relapse.
  • Therapy treatments are more effective than medication in preventing relapse.
  • Therapy treatment can be helpful in combination with medication.
  • Therapy in combination with self-help/bibliotherapy is an effective treatment method.

The Therapist, a group of passionate, knowledgeable and experienced professionals in social care and mental health have been on this journey since 2013. Finally, we are here. With over 50 years combined experience, we are a group of registered, HCPC and SocialWork England and Disclosure Bureau Checked professionals. The Therapist is a therapeutic service whose aim is to promote mental health thereby making a positive contribution to society. Alongside therapy service, we look forward to giving back to deprived local communities.

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Personal Life Journey to Therapy Treatment

  • Personal life experiences in childhood and/ adulthood shape behaviours. Some of those experiences are traumatic. Multiple touchstone memories can result in layers of trauma.
  • Personal traumatic life experiences can trigger i.e. mental health problems. This process can be described as trauma manifestation.
  • Following a referral and request for therapeutic treatment, the Therapist assesses the patient. The Therapist is guided by the patient.
  • To promote positive mental health, first the Therapist must explain assessment findings, how past trauma is manifesting and impacting the patient’s present life.
  • The Therapist implements person/child centred therapeutic treatment.
  • Together, we agree on a treatment method. This is delivered consistently using one of the following methods i.e. Face to Face, Intensive Home Based Treatment, Telephone/Skyping Appointments and/ Group Therapy.


To achieve positive patient outcomes, the service adheres to a group of principles.
  • The Therapist puts the patient at the centre of the treatment plan.
  • The Therapist is respectful, open, honest, empathetic and transparent.
  • The Therapist adheres to a confidentiality of information policy.
  • The Therapist is dedicated to rendering a goal driven, results orientated service.

Childern And Adults

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Therapeutic Treatment

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Experience of Service

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Testament 1

What was really good about your care?

“That l was listened. I never felt like l was being judged about anything that l said”

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the service you received?

“That l am grateful for the service l did receive and glad that someone finally listened to me”.

Treatment – 6 appointments

Testament 2

What was really good about your care?

“I feel the gentleman has been most helpful in listening to my child and highlighting concerns. The concerns he highlighted, he is acting on and giving us advice in how to go forward. Finally feel like someone is listening”.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the service you received?

“The referral suggested the service will be of great help”.

Treatment – 10 appointments

Testament 3

What was really good about your care?

“Quick to evaluate problem plus not just listening and saying ‘there, there’ which in the past has allowed him to wallow in self-pity”.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the service you received?

“Excellent! Motivational! Great that it was a young man who saw us and someone who was able to empathise. A really good role model for my son. More people like this needed”.

Treatment – 8 appointments

Testament 4

What was really good about your care?

Every issue/problem l had, l never felt like l was judged or not listened to. I was given great strategies to overcome/help my mental health.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the service you received?

“No other than the service has helped me dramatically”

Treatment – 13 appointments

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