Experience of Service/Patient Feedback

“Thank you so much for all you have done so far. There were many times we never thought we could get as far as we have. It has been a long journey but the help, support, hints, tips plus tricks has been invaluable”.

“Calvin has been amazing, literally a life saver. He was friendly, approachable, listened to my concerns and gave good advice”.

Every issue/problem l had. I never felt like l was judged or not listened to. I was given great strategies to overcome/help with my mental health”.

“Took my anxiety and depression seriously”.

“Practitioner had good knowledge of ASD and trauma issues. Listened to myself and my daughter. Gave excellent advice. Was personable and relatable”.

“I felt understood and at every point, l was given options as to what steps l wanted to take. It was positive”.

“Calvin understood Miss X’s problems really well. With the help and support he gave Miss X improved her mental health. Calvin was fantastic at his job and really helped Miss X over the last weeks”.